GOURMETRICS Pizzastahl rund 32cm x 8mm

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Upgrade for your oven. Finally, baking and taste experiences with pizza baking at home are possible, which were reserved for the oven of your favorite pizzeria. By using special and highly thermally conductive steel with its enormous heat storage capacity, even in normal ovens, the heat gets to where it belongs – under the pizza – for a crispy and lightly browned soil for the real Italian taste.

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Pizza steel, baking steel

  • Made of high-heat, unalloyed quality steel
  • 32cm diameter x 8mm, approx. 5kg
  • Practically non-destructible
  • High heat storage capacity
  • Pre-treated and ready for first use for oven, grill, induction stove and freezer compartment
  • Versatile for pizza, bread, ice cream and much more
  • Easy to maintain (Notes)


Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions32 × 32 × 0.8 cm

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