Bake your best pizza, ever!

Pizzastahl is like an upgrade for your home oven.


Bake typical Italian pizza in your own oven

Delicious pizza with the lightly browned bottom is typically baked in a charcoal oven at more than 400°C in 1-2 minutes. Our bakingsteel bakes crispy-delicious pizza in 3-4 minutes in your own oven at 250°C. The kitchen turns into your pizzeria.
Our pizzasteel is available in different versions: round or angular, with or without grease. But always made of special steel in 8 mm thickness so that the bottom becomes beautifully brown and crispy.

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  • Made of fast heat conducting, unalloyed quality steel
  • 8 mm – the optimal thickness for good browning
  • Sanded – for Safety and Health
  • Almost indestructible
  • High heat storage capacity
  • Pre-treated and ready for first use for oven, grill, induction stove and freezer compartment
  • Versatile for pizza, bread, ice cream and much more
  • Easy to maintain and clean (Instructions)
  • Made in Germany

Use high-tech for more taste

Wide and flat is a typical pizza oven, optimized for maximum heat and short baking times. To achieve the same baking results in the normal oven, it is necessary to store the heat and then quickly return to the pizza dough.

The special composition of the pizza steel provides a very high heat storage capacity on the one hand and a super-fast heat transfer on the other.

The thermal conductivity of pizza steel is about 18 times higher than with a good pizza stone (see Wikipedia). The 8mm thick pizza steel stores so much heat that pizzas can be baked in quick succession.

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Pizzasteel – Ready to use

The pizza steel comes pre-treated and is ready for its first use. For pizza baking, the pizza steel is placed on an oven grille in the top rail in the oven. A distance of about 15cm from the heating snakes has proved to be good. The oven must be preheated to a maximum temperature for at least 20 minutes.

From 5min before the first pizza, open the oven door a small gap so that the heating coils of the grill no longer switch off. The prepared pizza comes directly on the pizza steel. In 3-4 minutes, the golden-brown crispy pizza is ready.

Why Pizzastahl ?

Our pizzasteel is a high-quality product: Made in Germany. It is durable and lasts a lifetime – so quite sustainable! We pay attention to the short supply routes, environmentally friendly processing and craftsmanship in production. Because it is important to us!

When the baking steel is used permanently, it upgrades the oven. Due to the heat storage of the steel plate, the oven can maintain the temperature much better and as a side effect, provides lower energy consumption.

The story about Pizzastahl you can read here.

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You can do much more than just pizza – bread, steak, ice cream…

The pizza steel can do much more than just pizza. Crispy farmhouse bread? Use on the grill for steaks or vegetables? No problem. The special steel works great with an induction stove and becomes a griddle.

Cold works too. Put the pizza steel in the fridge to use as a serving platter for cool dishes, such as sashimi. Or in the freezer to make ice cream?


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Induction cooker

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