How-to – Pizza on the Pizzastahl

Here’s a little how-to on how to use the pizzastahl in the oven for the perfect pizza. In order for the pizzastahl to show its strengths against a pizza stone or a normal baking tray, it must be used correctly. Depending on what you bake – pizza, bread, scones, etc. – you should reposition the pizza steel and heat the oven differently.
For pizza, the aim is to generate as much heat as possible in order to come as close as possible to the conditions in the original pizza oven.

If you are not satisfied with the information below, we recommend the blog “kleine Brüllen” with the pizza steel tutorial. With video, how to get the pizza especially elegant onto the pizza steel.

Maximum heat for the pizza


  • Position: Pizza steel is placed on a oven grill in the top rail of the oven. A distance of about 15cm to the heating coils has proven to be good.
  • Preheating: The oven -with the pizza steel- must be preheated for at least 20 minutes at maximum temperature (min. 250°C).
  • Adjustment: Preheating and baking is ideally done with grill+air circulation. If your stove doesn’t have this setting, the quickest way to heat it up is with circulating air and as soon as the temperature is stable, switch to grill and continue heating for another 10 minutes.
  • WICHTIG!: The grill shuts off quickly when the target temperature is reached. Keep the oven door open a small gap. For example, with a fork so that air can escape and the heating coils of the grill do not switch off.
  • Baking time: The prepared pizza comes directly onto the pizza steel. In 2-4 minutes the golden-brown crispy pizza is ready. The thickness of the dough, the moisture content of the coating is very important. Therefore, watch the first pizzas well until you have a feeling for the optimal baking time.


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