My name is Julia and I love chocolate, cakes, pies, muffins, cookies – the sweet side of life. My husband is more in charge of the hearty things. So we rarely get in each other’s way in the kitchen.

With a scientist at my side, our kitchen is always state-of-the-art. Since 2006, we have had a water bath from a chemistry laboratory in our cellar – since the term “sous-vide” first appeared on the web. When Nathan Myhrvold finally published his extensive work Modernist Cuisine, in which he also discussed the basics of good pizza baking with steel as an ideal substitute for Pizzastein, we started looking for a suitable product for our kitchen. Unfortunately unsuccessful. Andris Lagsdin, who implemented the same idea with Bakingsteel, has now been in the USA. So with the help of friends, a baking steel was imported from the States (thanks to Manal!) and our domestic pizza consumption increased significantly.

Pizzastahl / Gourmetrics

We developed our own pizzastahl, which was somewhat thicker and smaller in diameter, and also made of a special steel that combined maximum heat capacity and conductivity. We fought our way through European regulations how to create consumer goods, because items that come into contact with foodstuffs are subject to strict rules in the EU. Finally, we founded Gourmetrics in late 2014 to offer our pizza steel to other kitchen nerd and enthusiasts.

Pizzastahl is only the first product. We will gradually be offering other products that have never been available before. Let us surprise you.


The recipes that we publish here are mainly recipes to illustrate the culinary breadth and variety of possibilities of pizza steel. Of course, most recipes can be realized without it. If necessary, the baking time must be adjusted. The blog will evolve with all kinds of culinary delicacies and products. Since my husband and I have three children, our long cooking evenings with friends have been greatly reduced and in our kitchen there is now usually another regiment, which likes to be served with spaghetti and pizza Margerita.  But we love food and like to test new taste combinations.

So, forget the phone number of the pizza service and start baking.


Do you have any questions? Doesn’t the pizza steel work the way you want it to? Need some tips? Do you have great recipes? Do you want a different size or a special design? Then write me an email[julia ((at))gourmetrics. de] or contact us via Facebook.

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